The Kawaii Bunny

A Place for Cute Adorable Food & Things


“Kawaii” ~ An adjective in Japanese meaning “pretty; cute; lovely; charming; dear; darling; pet” – Urban Dictionary

My affinity to Japanese culture; especially all things “Kawaii” is the foundation to my food creations. Meal presentation is a necessity for me to be able to enjoy the food to the fullest; if it happens to be cute all the better! Rabbits or should I say “Bunnies” are my favourite animals, and I love them dearly and would never cook with them because of this, however I do love making bunny shaped cookies and rice-balls! Most of all I love bunnies!

The goal of this Blog is to highlight my culinary experiences; whether is through tasting or creating! Outside of cooking at home I am very active, I enjoy playing competitive roller derby. mountain biking, and other outdoor recreation sports, so they too will be captured as all of my adventures that I try to add my own personal Kawaii twist too!  

I hope you enjoy the read, and if you have any questions or feedback be sure to contact me using the form below! 

♥ Jocelyn aka “TheKawaiiBunny”



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