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Santa Baby!

The first time I made these were for a book club party I was a part of; needless to say there was no leftovers to bring home! Originally, I came across this recipe for Christmas Santa Strawberries completely randomly when I was searching for “Christmas LOL”. These seem to be really popular this year and I too am going to share this recipe I adapted (more like improvised) from Micho’s snap guide link posted below! My favourite thing about these is that they are super kawaii, but also a healthy alternative to the super rich deserts and treats that I seem to never say no to to whenever I am out visiting friends or family.¬†


Sweet Santa’s

Fresh Organic Strawberries
Black Sesame Seeds
Silver Candy Sprinkles 


1 pkg (250g) Light Cream Cheese
4-5 Tbsp Caster Sugar (If you do not have just grind regular granular sugar in a grinder I used a bullet THEN measure the 4-5 Tbsp)
1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract


282968_571976095435_1749238511_n1) In a mixing bowl beat cream cheese until soft with electric mixer using a whisk attachment,
2) Add sugar and vanilla, and beat on medium until smooth and well combined.
3) Cut end of piping bag and attach a small to medium star tip, and place filling inside.
4) Cool in fridge while prepping strawberries.
5) Prep strawberries by washing and drying
6) Cut bottoms off strawberries to make smooth surface to stand straight
7) Cut off tops of strawberries and hollow insides out (Make sure you keep the tops with the bottoms to match up)
8) Pipe filling into hollowed centers of strawberries leaving a generous amount on top
9) Place cut off strawberry tops back on the bottoms and pipe a star onto each top
10) Decorate with silver balls for buttons, and eyes with sesame seeds (A toothpick works best for positioning)

Chill! or serve right away!

Quick Note: These are best fresh or made the evening of however the filling stands up well and can be made 1 night in advance I tested this with a batch I made for work! If you are making in advance try to make sure strawberry is very dry!

Micho’s Snap Guide:

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