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Organic Rosewater Raspberry Macarons

10906454_637770792335_8869657197753504503_nWhile visiting Paris for New Years this past January, I took every opportunity possible to taste the culinary excellence that France had to offer. My favourite part of the culinary experience was the culture around it; I felt that every restaurant and café I ate at encouraged me to slow down and enjoy my entire meal. The Servers were very polite and as knowledgeable about the food as the Chefs. They made great recommendations for wine pairings to compliment each meal; which I also enjoyed very much! Whether is was delicate pastries or Foie Gras, I don’t believe there was one dish I did not enjoy. 

Seeing as I was in France, I thought this would be a great time to finally try a French Macaron. I had heard of them before, but didn’t want to taste one until I was certain I had an authentic one to know what exactly I was looking for in taste and texture. Since the first bite I have been hooked on these cute little cookies; the only problem now was how to get more of them! Living in a semi-remote area these aren’t available at the store or bakery (We don’t have a bakery (-.-) ); so I took it upon myself to learn how to make them myself if I ever expected to bite into one again. 

IMG_9284 IMG_9274After several hours of researching recipes and techniques on how to make these I was extremely intimidated. Almost every tutorial tells you to not be surprised if you don’t get these right the first few times as they can be under or over mixed which will lead to failure in appearance and texture. Luckily for me, my first batch of Macarons turned out perfectly and tasted just like Paris all over again. I followed YouTubes Byron Talbott Rose Water Macarons recipe and tutorial exactly with the exception of using all organic ingredients, and POOF Macarons! I also followed his recommendation to weigh out the powdered sugar and almond flour instead of measuring which I am sure helped.  Below is his tutorial & Recipe I hope you can try them out!


Rosewater Raspberry Macarons – By Byron Talbott

(Makes 12-15 Cookies)

65g Powdered Sugar
50g Almond Flour
1 Egg White
20g Granulated Sugar
Red & Pink Food Coloring

Rosewater Buttercream
3tbsp butter
1/2cup powdered sugar
3tbsp melted white chocolate
1tbsp rose water

Macerated raspberries:
10-15 raspberries
1 tbsp granulated sugar
1tsp rose water

Make buttercream by creaming butter, sugar, and rosewater together; add in melted white chocolate and put in piping bag to fill cookies. Macerate the raspberries by placing in bowl with rosewater and sugar and let set until ready to assemble the cookies. 

Beat egg whites with granulated sugar until soft peaks form; add in gel food colouring and beat until fully combined and fluffy. Pipe onto parchment lined cookie sheet. Let dry 15-30 minutes before baking. Bake @300 degree for 7 minutes and rotating pan and baking for another 8 minutes. Let cool 30 minutes. Match cookies to similar size cookies and pipe in buttercream; press in a raspberry and sandwich with another cookie. 

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